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VBS Day 3-June 17

Time to start packing and wrapping Christmas presents

Time to start packing and wrapping Christmas presents

Tonight we learned how to Rock, Stop and Stroll…. often to music and some fancy foot movements. We learned to Rock… that Jesus is our Rock. We learne to Stop: and listen to God’s Word and we learned to Stroll… go out and share God’s Word. We learned this with the help of Ms. Angie and Andy B.

We found out more about This wonderful organization has sent 100 million “shoe boxes” filled goodies and what we might call necessities to  kids in 100 countries around the world since they started in 1998. This will be the first Christmas gift they’ve ever received. Many of the items, shirts, socks, toiletries, small toys, were part of the scavenger hunt from Day 1 and the Relay races from Day 2.

So tonight we packed more than 25 boxes, each marked for either a boy or girl and by their age group. During the week we have been collecting money during dinner (which tonight was every kid’s favorite -pizza) to help pay for the contens of the boxes and shipping them (It takes $7 to ship one of the boxes).

On Thursday night we will then have a special service and bless the boxes.