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An ELCA Church serving the Augusta, Georgia area

Sunday School Fall 2014

Kidz Klass

The Kidz Klass meets in the Catacombs, following breakfast on Rally Day Sunday on the 7th. The program begun last fall, God’s Superheroes, will pick up with a 3-week study of Moses. (Sept. 14, 21 and 28). Ages 3 – Grade 1 will study the story of Moses through the use of storytelling; a video (The Animated Stories from the Bible) by Nest Family Entertainment, rated G); and arts & crafts. Grades 2-6 will use a different video, the Dream WOrks animated move, The Prince of Egypt, rated PG (extra copies are available for parental preview) and Bible search activities and games. The teachers for Moses study will be Elisa and Will Schmidt, Angie Chandler and Margaret Strickland.

Lyda Anguilla will coordinate a 4-week study of Joseph (October 5, 12 & 19 and Nov. 2). The study will center around 2 films from the Animated STories from the Bible series, coordinated with various age appropriate activities.

On Reformation Sunday (Oct. 26) our missionaries, Ted and Jane Zimmerman, will present a program for all ages in Reiser Hall.


We are starting a new class for teens on September 21 in Room 210, following breakfast. There were be a short meeting of parents and participants to get things started. We are going to try a 2-track program:

Sept. 7:
Tracks A & B: Rally Day

Sept 14:
No Class

Sept. 21:
Track A: Parent meeting. Is Heaven for Real?*

Sept. 28:
Track B: Trip**

Oct 5:
Track A: Is Heaven for Real?*

Oct 12:
Track B: Trip**

Oct 19:
Track A: Is Heaven for Real?*

Oct. 26:
Tracks A & B: Missionaries Progress***

Nov. 2:
Track A: Is Heaven for Real?*

Nov. 9:
Tracks A & B:Pay it Forward****

Nov. 16:
Tracks A & B:Pay it Forward****

Nov. 23:
Tracks A & B:Pay it Forward****

Nov. 30:
No Class

Activity Descriptions:

*Use the movie, Heaven is for Real? as a basis for discussion of how people perceive heaven. What does the Bible say? What does Lutheran theology say? Extra copies of the movie will be available for parental preview.

**Visit churches of different denominations and compare and contrast over lunch.

*** Ted & Jane Zimmerman will present a program for all ages in Reiser Hall.

****Donna Leopard will present a study of the film, Pay it Forward, an allegorical tale of the life of Christ for adults & teens.


Our two excellent Bible Study classes for adults will resume on September 14. Grace Works (room 208) is led by Frank Chandler and Jody Frey. Allen Strickland coordinates the Pacesetters (room 112) and different members take turns leading the discussions.

Both classes are invited to join two intergenerational events: A program by our missionaries, Ted and Jane Zimmerman, (October 26) for all ages; a film study of the movie, Pay it Forward, (Nov. 9-23) an allegorical tale for the life of Christ.

REMEMBER: The most important part of S nday S chool is the u!