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An ELCA Church serving the Augusta, Georgia area

Lenten Season 2012

A short note, Dear Friends, to say thank you for your willing and faithful service to our Lord in 2011, a witness clearly reflected in the pages of our Annual Report.

This month, February, begins with Youth Sunday (February 5th), the Red Door Cafe (February 25th), and we also get into the Lutheran “Revival” season-Lent.

This will we will have a new “twist” to our 12:10 p.m. Mid-Day Lenten Worship. In the past we have invited pastor’s from other denominations to be guests in our pulpit for ht mid-day worship. This year we have decided to go “in-house” since we are blessed with several very gifted, retired pastors in our midst from a variety of different denominational backgrounds.

This will be a grand opportunity for us to benefit from their gifts and dedication to our Lord and to experience their presence in a new way in our worship. The Mid-Day Schedule is:


  • February 22   Ash Wednesday
  • February 29   Rev. Fred Fiedler
  • March 7 Rev. Boyd Lien
  • March 14 Rev. Dennis Gabriel
  • March 21 Rev. Timothy Owings
  • March 28   Rev. Charles Trower
  • April 4  Service for the Word for Healing

Our Wednesday evenings will also take a new, “hands-on” approach to our Lenten emphasis. This year we will begin to add elements of Vibrant Faith Ministry (VFM) to our life together. VFM is built on the foundational principle our Christian faith is formed and passed on by the power of the Holy Spirit through trusted, personal relationships, often in our homes. That is, usually the most significant persons(s) in our personal spiritual formation is our parents(s), another family member, or a close relative or friend. In my case it was my mother. I suspect that many of you have had similar experience.


VFM simply put, strengthens the partnership between church and home by providing resources and approaches for growing in and passing on our faith. The Four Key practices of VFM or “passing on the faith,” as one of my colleagues calls it, are:


Caring Conversation

The practice of having times and places set aside to give others undivided attention and to practice the art of meaningful conversation as a gift to each other.


The centrality of scripture, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving in our lives at home and in the congregation.


Lives of service to others lived out in response to the Gospel, The undeserved outpouring of Gold’s love an forgiveness in Jesus Christ- Grace.

Ritual and Traditions

Patterns of behavior that occur with regularity that communicate meaning, values, and relationships that exist between God and God’s people.

Basically, we will “Four Key” Wednesday evenings during Lent. During the supper time together, we will “do” the Four Keys, a sort of “hands-on” spiritual practice for this Lenten Season, and then we will close with a short worship – a modification of our Compline Service. We expect to finish no later than 7:00 p.m.. This will give us an opportunity to “practice” the Four Keys.
Please keep us in your prayers and remember that I love you.
Pastor David B. Hunter