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An ELCA Church serving the Augusta, Georgia area

Not Your Typical Summer Sunday School

It’s sad but we are coming to the end of our first “Spectacular Summer Sunday School” season. It has been popular, with more than 30 people attending just about every Sunday this summer.

The good news is that our regular Sunday School started with Rally Day on September 8 and it will be just as exciting.

Everyone knows that you have Sunday School classes for kids and separate classes for their parents. But we looked and can’t seem to find where anyone actually wrote down that little rule.

What if there was an opportunity for you to join your children (or your parents) in an engaging Sunday School experience that will leave you feeling…. like a family. Novel concept. Don’t have kids, then come and interact with those little speed demons who you see darting up and down the hall .

This multigenerational experience will start Sunday, June 9th after breakfast. You won’t have far to go. It will be held right in Reiser Hall. There will be movies, hymn singing and somethings that might surprise you. We’ll have guest hosts during the summer.