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Everest-VBS Day 3-June 16

“God has the Power to Heal” was the theme for Day 3.

Our sherpa started with asking if anyone had any God sightings today. Seeing little animals was popular with some of the kids. The sherpa said “God made the little animals for us to love. When we watch for God we can see all the good work he has done.”

“Today we learn God has the power to heal. We might get sick, break a bone or at other times we get hurt in our heart. There are times when we are unhappy. During those times I’m glad that God has Power to Heal. HOLD ON!”

He comforts us through the Bible but also through people who love us.

They also learned a new dance. The girls said yeah and some of the boys said “oh no.” At that point we found out that Mrs. Angie can whistle pretty loud when she wants to get their attention.

Trek Trek Rockrambler, famous mountain climber showed up again, now all healthy from her cold but alas she her climbing team had caught it from her and were all sick. She was making up some some “Yak” food to serve them that would help them heal them. She said he had added lots of things including yogurt and lots of garlic. One of the VBS trekkers recommended she throw it out and find other way to help heal them, turning to God.

She agreed then accidentally tripped and spilled the Yak food on the trekkers. That unfortunately triggered a food fight and some Yak food sent flying.

Our Bible Buddy today is Mallory, “an extraordinary bird. She is a bar headed goose. They can fly over mountains that are higher than any person can climb. God has the power to get over big obstacle like Marllory ahd the power to climb over giant mountains.”

God can help us heal, heal the hurt we feel. Psalms 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Later in the evening the trekkers lined up in a row with their arms over there heads mimicing the tall mountains of the Himalayas. Then they were tossed their Mallory Bible Buddy Badge over the “mountains.”

Then it was of to Bible Expeditions and Imagination Station. At Bible Expeditions the kids learned about God healing Naaman, (2 Kings 5) who suffered from leprosy. He sought help and was refused. Then Elisha, a man of God, told him to go and wash himself seven times in the Jordan River which he refused to do. But on the urging of his servants he did go to the Jordan and wash seven times. His leprosy was cured as the Elisha the man of God had promised.

At the Imagination Station they decorated picture frames with snowflakes. The youth group tried their hand at hand bells and also continued to work on their summit flags.

On KidVid Cinema we learned about a young boy who saw God’s power to heal. Twelve-year-old Cole lives on a ranch where he loves to hunt and fish and work on the ranch with his father and brothers. Cole and his famly had to rely on God when his dad got very sick and went into the hospital. He lost 50 pounds. He went from being a healthy kind of guy as a father to quickly someone who couldn’t get out of bed. He was diagnosed with Wegener’s granulomatosis, a rare blood disorder.

Cole’s mom taught him a Bible version and Psalm 147:3. His dad said the diagnosis was the first step in getting better. It took several months for the paralysis in the face to go away then 5-7 months later to gain weight and a full year before he was able to function very well.

Cole’s mom said “We thank God every day for his turn around. Even the doctors were amazed at the progress.”

It was a great lesson for his wife and the boys that they could trust in God to heal.

At the Summit Celebration to end the evenign some of the kids and counselors shared their stories of family members who got sick adn healed through God’s love. The youth group shared stories of how they were hurt by the words and actions of others and how they found ways to heal.

“We learned that God can heal our hearts and our hurts.”

They concluded with a prayer: Dear God thank you for the power to heal us. Thank you for lvoing us and thank your for our friends at Vaction Bible School. In jesus name.