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Everest-VBS Day 2-June 15

A little sheep's eyes are borrowed for a moment,

A little sheep’s eyes are borrowed for a moment,

Today’s theme for Day 2 is “God has the power to comfort” and the Bible Buddy is Cliff the Marmot. Our guide started the group with explaining what comfort means and how many ways God provides it. A key lesson was from 2 Corinthians 1:4—“He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”

They learned a new song “Learned a new song ” I sing the mighty power of God.”
Trek Rockrambler, famous mountain climber showed up again, this time with a really bad cold and seeking comfort. She missed her blankie and her mommie. She got comfort from one of the VBS trekkers.

In the Bible Expeditions the kids heard about Elijah who was afraid when Jezebel was out to kill him. He sought shelter and asked to die but an angel of God gave him comform with food and drink. He was told to go stand on the mountain before God. Then God in a quiet comforting voice asked why he was there then sent him back the way he came to anoint new kings for the Aram and Israel.

Later the kids made little white sheep out of papercups and cotton balls. Then it was off to Glacier Games whichincluded a snowball fight. The VBS trekkers were provided snowflake shapped sponges that had been soaked in ice water. 1-2-3 and the boys and girls rushed the snowball bucket qnd started slinging.

Our guide told us that often flags are displayed when reaching a summit. The youth group made flags to carry to the summit. They took cloth squares and decorated them with permanent markets then sprayed them with alcohol so they would take on a tie-dye affect.

Kidvid was about 2 brothers that found a way to comfort kids in need, whether sick or without any possessions. They realized that kids loved soft cuddly stuffed animals and created “A monster to Love.” They are called monsters but they are nothing like the monsters of bad dreams. They are cute and friendly. Their dad works for World Relief. They decided to create twin monsters, one to sell and one to dontate 1 for refugees. “Many refugees get nothing,” they said. So one brother, Ben, draws the monsters and Sam cuts the fabric out and they then sew them together. Also give them to kids who are sick. They know the monsters are huggleable and give comfort to little kids.

“Every monster we make is unique. Giving a monster gives hope and hope is comfort.” Sam and Ben have given away about 1,000 of them. “We want to give them to World relief. We met some resettled refugees and they were very super happy about getting their monsters.”

God has the power to comfort. “Hold On” to the monsters.

Then it was time to hand out the Bible Buddies. Tonight was Cliff the Marmot. He was later found hiding in a tree watching the trekkers.

The guide then ended the evening with nightly Summit Celebration. They reviewed the day. “What’s it like to make something that comforts someone? Make you feel good. What can you make to comfort someone . A heart. A blanket, a pillow. All are good suggestions. A good day to remember and all of its lessons.