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Everest-VBS-Day 1-June 14

This year’s Vacation Bible School “Everest-Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power” began Sunday night with the theme is “God has the power to provide”.
Each day of the five day VBS will have a different theme. After a traditional Lutheran potluck dinner Sunday night, the VBS trekkers descended to the basecamp to climb Everest which happened to be in the Catacombs of the church.

After learning the words and dance motions, the kids sang the week’s theme song “My God is Powerful.”

To re-enforce that God has the power to provide a skit was performed by the youth group. Trek Rockrambler jumped out of her tent after oversleeping. She realized her team left her behind. Her new friends told her that God has the power to provide and that the Everest VBS team members can be her new team.

The VBS trekker were told every time someone says the phrase “God has the Power to Provide” they are supposed to cross their arms and yell “Hold on” which echoed through the halls all evening.

Then it was time to split up into age groups. Toward the end of the evening the Youth Group helped the younger kids in their games and activities.

Meanwhile, in Reiser Hall, the adults had their VBS lead by Pastor Hunter.

At the end of each night the have Kid Vid and a Summit Celebration. During Kidvid they learned of a family that adopted 3 brothers from an orphanage in the Ukraine. Each boy was expecting to be adopted separately but “God provided a family that took all three and kept them together.”

Then they dicussed God sightings. “Any God Sighting is a sign of gGd at work.” To help kids remember to look they were given wrist bands that say “Watch for God”. They showed their bands everytime they “flexed their muscles.”

They were also given their “Bible Memory Buddy” which is a tag that features the character whose purpose is to help teach the day’s theme. “Today’s Bible Buddy is Klymer, a snow leopard, one of the few animals that can survive in the Himalayas. ” One one side of the badge is Klymer and on the other “God has the Power to Provide”

All of the groups were told about a project to send Bibles to Thailand. It costs $4 to send a Bible. Each group has a donation jar and the groups are challenged to raise the most money. So far the adults are in the lead with the kids in close second.

Each night have a summit celebration. The evening ended with Lynda Anguilla, the evening’s leader, recapping all of the marvelous things that were seen and done. “God has the Power to Provide.


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