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Christian Education

Christian Education

Sunday School at Resurrection is available for all ages every Sunday Morning at 9:45-10:45AM

Nursery is provided up to age 5
Summer Faith Crusaders:  June 16-August 18, 2019 This is a Sunday School class for all school-age children during the summer of 2019.
Pace-Setters Adult Sunday School This Sunday School class chooses a Book of the Bible and then studies the book, chapter-by-chapter.  (Meets all year)
Grace Works Adult Sunday School:  This class will pick a contemporary issue to discuss and relate it to our Christian beliefs and morals. (Meets all year)
Young Adults:  This class will pick a book series to read and discuss.  (Meets all year)
Sunday School for all Ages begins the Sunday after each Labor Day and continues till Memorial Day Weekend.  Nursery is always provided.