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An ELCA Church serving the Augusta, Georgia area

A Musical Salute to Sandra Prichard May 4th

Sandra is welcomed into Reiser Hall

Sandra is welcomed into Reiser Hall

It was a marvelous Sunday worship service full of music. But the best music was to come. After the 11AM “Church Music Sunday” we all gathered in Reiser Hall to celebrate the 25 years of service Sandra Prichard, our Music Director, has provided this church.

It was a surprise that church members had been playing for sometime. The large 16×20 photos of here in Reiser Hall kinda of tipped her off that it was a special day.

Joining Bach and Handel--A musical tribute

Joining Bach and Handel–A musical tribute

Food was served, speeches were spoken and there was lots of hugs and congratulations.

Here are some photos from the event and a video of some of the festivities.

Thank you Sandra for 25 years of beautiful music.